I’m Matthew Basile, a maker, explorer, tinkerer, photographer Well, you get the picture (badum tss).

I grew up in Monterey County, Calif bike riding and exploring the beauty of the landscapes armed only with my mother’s hand-me-down Olympus OM-1 35mm camera and whatever film I could afford. Yup, I grew up shooting film and it is still a huge part of my life! Over the next decade and a half I explored the field of photography, finding my way to portraiture and completely falling in love with photographing people.

My entry into boudoir photography came from seeing the reactions of women when they saw great, artistic images of themselves for the first time and really seeing themselves in a new light. I realized that women can look beautiful and feel wonderful without having to be an object of lust for men and joined the movement to bring the beauty of woman back into photography of women.


About Austin Boudoir