Boudoir session information

Boudoir Photography Sessions

I’m Matthew, and I started shooting boudoir photography because I had the opportunity to witness how happy women were when they first viewed themselves in such an artistic and beautiful fashion. If I can live my days creating that feeling for others, why wouldn’t I?

You’ll see in the gallery that Austin Boudoir sessions aren’t limited to one thing or another. You get to choose whether we shoot with a flowing dress, jeans and a tee, lingerie or all of the above! If you’re unsure of how comfortable you’ll be, you can always schedule a mini-session focused on a simple shirt and jeans to dip your toes in and get a feeling of what the experience is all about.

Full-Length Boudoir Sessions

Boudoir sessions include a professional a makeup artist as well as about two hours of photography. Full-length sessions can be done in the studio, your home or a hotel. If you prefer the authenticity of film I will gladly incorporate 35mm and medium format film into your session as well!


If you’re interested in testing the waters with a mini-session, they include professional makeup, 45 minutes of photography and two prints, up to 8″x10″. (There will probably be some film involved as well since I just love film.)

You probably have some questions

Will my images be displayed on the website?

My goal is for you to be in love with your images. For that reason I will always ask your permission before including them in my gallery or blog. You always get to control over whether all, a few select or no images are published from your session.

Where are boudoir sessions shot?

There are many options for shooting your session. We can shoot in the studio just east of Downtown, or one of the many beautiful hotels in Downtown and South Austin. If you have a great decorating style and marvelous windows, we can even shoot in your home!

Who provides the wardrobe?

Although I am slowly building a studio wardrobe collection, most of the wardrobe photographed will be yours. When you arrive for your shoot I will guide you through the process of discussing your favorite pieces and selecting the best ones for your session. I don’t push a shoot one way or another, I just want you to to be comfortable and feel wonderful. Please keep the following in mind when selecting items to bring:

  • Bring about 10 complete outfits (lingerie sets count as an outfit), we’ll narrow down the selection at the studio
  • Select colors that compliment your skin tone
  • Remember that tighter clothing flatters curves more so than baggy clothes
  • Make sure all items are clean and wrinkle-free
  • Avoid patterns, except on lingerie
  • Grab those heels, and the other ones too!
  • Bring a plain black or white t-shirt or tank with jeans, simplicity is gorgeous!
  • Flowing designer dresses add drama and make for very dynamic and one-of-a-kind photo shoots

Is hair and makeup styling included in the session fee?

I bring in a professional, lovely and talented makeup artist for every boudoir session to pamper you and apply some marvelous lashes! However, your hair is a huge part of your visual identity, which is why I ask that you come with your best “date night” hair style. If you aren’t as confident in your hair-doing-expertise as I am (in your hair-doing-expertise, not mine) then I’ll gladly bring in someone that can help.

How long does it take to turnaround images?

I have digital images ready to view within a week of your shoot, sessions that include film take a little longer depending on how busy the lab is. After your image review, it’ll take about a week to retouch your image and send them off to the printer. All in all, you’ll most likely have prints in your hands in less than three weeks from your session!